Want Leather, On A Budget? Consider Adding It At The Dealership


If you have a preference toward leather seats in your cars, the fact of the matter is that you probably spent a lot more on your last vehicle, and you’re going to end up spending a lot more on your next automobile—compared to one with cloth or vinyl seats, that is.

Compounding the premium is that automakers know they can overcharge you for them, and really pad their profit over your requirement. The many thousands of dollars you might pay to get leather is likely far, far more than the cost of the cowhides themselves; that’s because they’ve determined that leather—like a few select features such as a moonroof, or a sophisticated connectivity interface—are enough to lure people up to the next trim level. And in general, each upper trim level (like EX over LX for Honda models, or LT over LS onChevy models) tends to bring in more profit.

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